Are You Sure Want to Buy D7000 Nikon?

Published: 31st January 2011
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Many people have recognized regarding Nikon, particularly in pro photographer community. This device can be a require device. Several aspects of this Nikon make a great number of photographers enjoy this digital camera. Nowadays, Nikon has released the new Nikon D7000 camera. This D7000 Nikon is the hottest version of Nikon Digital camera. Certainly it is a must have digital camera, especially for the expert photographer.

Below Id like to inform you the advantages and the disadvantages on this D7000 Nikon according to the costumer review from a big web shop:

1. 100% view finder! No more speculating of your framing. D7000 Nikon provides a great vivid with 100% coverage. (It isn't as bright as the D700. However, it really is 100% vice 95%)
2. 1/250 -- May be much better (1/500th for D40) but could be much worse. Auto FP assists.
3. 2 SD slots -- For the home user set two smaller cards rather than one big card and low cost, it's a Useful function. Especially When you're getting paid to photograph a wedding or any gig, and the card broke isn't an excuse.
4. Autofocus focus motor for non-AF-S lenses
5. Magnesium body system and much better sealing - Capture in dirty areas with no ruining the inside your camera.
6. Smaller and lighter than D300, D700, D3s, D3x. Youll start to sense every ounces you are holding when you stand on your feet for 9 hours taking pictures the wedding and reception. Generally you're keeping 2 bodies which has a fast tele zoom and fast wide zoom. That starts to get heavy.
7. 2016-Segment RGB Meter- for spot on exposure and white balance -- No one meets Nikon on this and this one is excellent.
8. 1/8000th - Very useful for capturing into the sunlight wide open with a shiny lens
9. D7000 Nikon utilizes the ML-L3 infra red remote. It is small and low priced. It has an IR sensor on the front and back of the digital camera.

1. It takes up extra storage space on your hard disk due to the 16mp senor. For 12 megapixels JPG = 3 Mega Byte, 12 megapixels RAW = 12 Mega Byte, 16 megapixel JPEG = 5 megabyte, 16 megapixel RAW = 16 megabyte. It's for 12 bit. 14 bit could need extra.
2. D7000 Nikon is actually weightier than it used to be.
3. No swivel screen - after using the GH1 extensively you probably miss this when shooting from strange sides. You particularly forget it for macro picture taking.
4. No fulltime live view - Ditto with above. Live view is actually everything you see is everything you get. Forgot to change white balance! You will see that when people are yellow, blue or green. Have it set in manual and blowing every thing out. You will see that as a white screen.
From the review above, I do think this camera is still very good overall. And also I enjoy this kind of digital camera very much.

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